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Holiday Games
...would not be denied in chasing down a bratty April Fools' Day prize.
...faced the world's most infamous scare-masters and vanquished each one!
...discovered a castle made from candy!
...defeated an adorable legion of vicious Hell Gnomes!
...once stole the Golden Apples belonging to adorable Hell Gnomes!

...once answered a very important question!
...once achieved 100 million experience!
...once achieved 200 million experience!
...once achieved 300 million experience!
...once achieved 400 million experience!
...once achieved 500 million experience!
...once achieved 600 million experience!
...once achieved 700 million experience!
...once achieved 800 million experience!
...once achieved 900 million experience!
...once achieved 1000 million experience!

Ancient :: Aboriginal Dreamtime
...with brain and brawn, managed to rid the world of two savage giants.
...used mirth to save the day.
...cruelly make fun of a lonely man.
...had the kindness to comfort a lonely man.

Ancient :: Anasazi America
...has brought rain to the Anasazi and saved the people.
...has slain the Spider Grandmother of the Anasazi.
...has been sprayed by a skunk and REALLY stinks.
...ran errands for a pregnant woman.

Ancient :: Arabian Nights
...played matchmaker for the Arabian royalty.
...watched an exotic Arabian dancer for hours.
...mercifully helped an escaped Arabian prisoner make it to freedom.
...mercilessly hunted an escaped Arabian prisoner down. a decent performer and managed to amuse a sultan. a consummate performer and once greatly amused a sultan.

Ancient :: Aztecs
...helped a peasant woman with chores and was rewarded for the kindness.
...was caught stealing maize from the Aztecs.
...has angered the Aztec goddess Chicomeciatl.
...once helped a trader gather goods to take to market.
...was once sacrificed to the god of war, Huitzilopochtli.
...has joined the ranks of the fierce Eagle Knights!
...has joined the ranks of the fierce Jaguar Knights!
...was chosen to dance as Teteoinan on the last night of Ochpanitztli.
...has been chosen to represent the embodiment of Tezcatlipoca.
...was sacrificed as the Aztec god Tezcatlipoca during Toxcatl.

Ancient :: Beowulf
...uncovered a plot of intrigue and murder!
...was once cursed by spae-magic to take the shape of a foul warg! known to be a companion of Beowulf.
...has completed a great task, and is fit for the meadhalls of Walhalla!
...slew Grendel's mother, a monstrous sea-wolf, rimwalker of foulest regions.

Ancient :: Carthage
...killed a powerful spirit, rumored to be a God.
...has been slaughtered once by a powerful Goddess.
...once listened to ancient verses from a master poet. known to be a friend of Carthage.
...obtained the favors of the Megara Nymph.
...set free a soul trapped in Moloch's temple!
...helped initiate a royal romance!
...was instrumental in a Prince's fate.
...witnessed the powerful curse of Queen Dido.
...played an important role in building up Carthaginian naval supremacy. a traitor to the Carthaginians.

Ancient :: Celtic Ireland
...once returned stolen property to a young princess.
...has gained the favor of Finarra, King of the Unseelie Sidhe.
...has gained the favor of Oonagh, Queen of the Daoine Sidhe.
...traveled to the Well of Saegais and ate from the magical hazelnut trees.
...was lazy and attempted to cheat the archdruid, but was found out!
...was caught stealing from a witch and now bears a dreadful curse!
...once helped a witch regain her youth and beauty!

Ancient :: Egypt pitched headfirst into the Nile for trespassing in the necropolis.

Ancient :: Greece
...displayed their martial might to help a Prince regain his throne!
...has been slain for the crime of hubris!
...has ventured into the Realm of the Dead and returned to tell the tale!
...has bested the tricks and traps on the island of Circe! smarter than the average Cyclops!
...drank the nectar of the Black Lotus and lived to tell the tale!
...has been rewarded for aiding a goddess!
...has proved to be an equal of Odysseus and is now his boon companion!
...won supremacy in a battle for Earthshaker's Realm!
...carries the blessing of the king of the dead.
...has received the blessing of the Lady of the wild things!
...basks in the golden blessing of the God of the Sun.
...once attracted the gaze of the embodiment of wisdom, reason, and purity.
...has slain an enemy of Mycenae!
...delivered the treasure of Perseus to the enemies of Mycenae!
...cleaned the greatest stables in the world in but a single day!
...single handedly drove off a thousand man-eating birds!
...saved the son of Zeus from treachery and certain death!
...slew a beast invulnerable to the weapons of man or god!
...helped rid the Lerna Swamp of a terrible scourge!
...through guile and skill caught the most elusive of creatures!
...gained access to the Underworld from Hades himself!
...restored a lost treasure to Menelaus, mightiest of Kings!
...has earned the displeasure of Menelaus, mightiest of Kings!
...revels in the favor of the god of kings.

Ancient :: India
...has a friend who operates on the shady side of the law.
...has been blessed by Visnu and ventures forth in the world as his avatar.
...has faced the asura and has emerged victorious.

Ancient :: Land of Shadows
...has ventured and returned from the lands of Skatha. protected by Midir's arcane magic.
...has faced and defeated the three Demon Kings who hold Midir!
...has freed Midir the proud from the clutches of the Demon Kings!

Ancient :: Nazca
...with a great show of compassion has become a beloved of Virococha.

Ancient :: Pictish Country
...has defeated a Champion and has been named Defender of Dal Riada!

Ancient :: Roman Britain
...fixed a broken wagon and got the wine delivered.
...once returned stolen property and trained with one of the last druids.
...thwarted the Saxon raiders' plan to ransom a small Briton boy!
...has been seen aiding Saxon raiders and may be in league with them!

Ancient :: Rome
...fought as a Roman gladiator and lived to tell the tale!

Ancient :: Svartalfheim
...has completed the great quest of Svartalfheim!
...has once been killed by a giant falling fruit! a renowned hunter of dragons and other wyrms.

Ancient :: Tartarus
...has cheated death and escaped from the depths of Tartarus!
...has the balance and speed of a striking snake! a friend of the greatest of the poets.

Medieval :: Alaska
...has learned the Inuit language.
...had the patience to listen to an old man ramble for ages!
...learned a lesson from a wolverine!
...learned a lesson from an ermine!
...learned a lesson from a mountain goat!
...learned a lesson from an owl!
...learned a lesson from a hawk!
...knows how mosquitos came to be!
...defeated a powerful shaman and his spiritual companions!
...answered a cry for help from the sea! caught in an avalanche but managed to escape from beneath the snow!
...moved tons of snow with his voice!
...has been enslaved by the Tlingits!
...has pledged to help free a Tlingit slave!
...was enslaved by the Tlingits but managed to escape!
...helped a Russian free a comrade enslaved by the Tlingits!
...cleverly found a way to free a Tlingit slave! a Tlingit chief's plot to kill a Russian governor!
...helped a Tlingit chief kill a Russian governor! a fledgling entrepreneur in the world of the fur trade. one of the most successful fur traders in the North Pacific!

Medieval :: Alhambra
...sought out rare and unusual artifacts for an eccentric collector.
...once rescued a beautiful princess from captivity.
...once retrieved sensitive documents before they fell into the wrong hands.
...once stole sensitive documents and turned them over to the enemy.
...once tried to play two enemies off each other, becoming a double agent.

Medieval :: Boston
...has gained the trust of the Algonquin Indians.
...aided in revenging a Puritan man's life.
...aided in bringing a Puritan minister to justice.

Medieval :: Britain (Sherwood)
...has been bestowed with the full freedom of the forests of England.
...rescued a fair maiden from marrying the wrong man.
...once collected the bounty on the notorious outlaw, Robin Hood.
...performed pagan rituals to help a village suffering from a drought.
...lent a helpful hand to the keep's staff at Nottingham.
...once helped an innocent Saxon escape from the Sheriff in Nottingham. wanted for poaching the king's royal deer.

Medieval :: Crusades
...defeated the deadliest Assassin of all!
...returned a priceless falcon to its owner.
...fomented chaos and revolution in the Holy Land.
...has an unbreakable will of iron!
...slew a Dragon to avenge the deaths of Christian pilgrims!
...slew the Dragon of Akka and defended the justice of Allah!
...saved the Al-Jamili family from dishonor!
...helped a greedy boy to poison the people of Mosul.
...proved to be a true and honorable friend of Salah ad-Din.
...betrayed the trust of the sultan and murdered him.
...tried to bring hashish into the city of Mosul!

Medieval :: French Indian War pretty certain there's a monster in Lake Champlain. a member of the Mohawk Bear Clan. a member of the Mohawk Beaver Clan. a member of the Mohawk Eagle Clan. a member of the Mohawk Moose Clan. a member of the Mohawk Snake Clan. a member of the Mohawk Turtle Clan.

Medieval :: Inferno
...once strayed beyond the black iron gates of the Inferno!
...faced the infernal hellrakers and defeated each of them in turn!
...faced the fiendish Minotaur and returned to share the tale!
...once was granted a fortune reading from a shade in the Inferno!
...once sailed across a river of boiling blood on a demon's back!
...once took pity on the shade of a sinner lost in all eternity!
...once took mercy on a treacherous soul and relieved his hunger!
...has become known as a regular traverser of the infernal realms!
...once stood face to face with the fallen angel of the morning!
...was slain by Lucifer for being so resistant to his efforts of corruption!
...was slain by Lucifer for trying to become his equal in evilness!
...once achieved a momentary victory over the largest evil of all!
...once helped to defeat Lucifer for the thrill of the fight.
...rivals even Lucifer in terms of being the most evil being.

Medieval :: Japan a member of Osaka's merchants guild.
...received a blessed gift from the kami of the North.
...cleared a Buddhist temple from the influence of maho.
...helped Shinto monks with a lost statue. an agent of the Tokugawa daimyo. a samurai to the Tokugawa Shogun. enlightened by the seven Hokku.

Medieval :: Kleinstadt
...helped find supplies for a local butcher's specialty.
...helped two young people find happiness together.
...twice aided the Lord of Kleinstadt to prepare for an Imperial visit! on a grand quest to become a Ritter. a true Ritter of Kleinstadt.
...lacks the honor to become a true Ritter.
...put an end to the haunting of the old mill.
...double-crossed a thief, leaving him to face his wife's wrath!
...once jumped on the Kleinstadt bandwagon!

Medieval :: Lima
...has learned of the art and spirit of music.
...solved the murder of a young girl and brought her killer to justice.

Medieval :: Malta
...has completed the quest for greater power!
...helped a silversmith come under the patronage of the Order of St John!
...faced the great warlord Dragut and put an end to his reign of terror!
...joined the Knights of St John of Jerusalem, Rhodes, Cyprus and Malta!
...killed the customs clerk and tore his office to pieces!
...once sped an old sailor's soul through Purgatory!
...carried a strange message to a Turkish captain.

Medieval :: Pirate Caribbean
...recovered sunken treasure after defeating a monstrous sea monster!
...has been cursed by the houngan.
...has been cursed by a voudoun.

Medieval :: Pirates' Den a true appreciator of obsolete antiquities!

Medieval :: Salem
...has brought a witch to justice and saved the village children.
...helped free a woman from a most certain death.
...has been branded a witch!
...was found to be a witch and burned at the stake!

Medieval :: Silk Road
...saved a young girl from the clutches of a demon!
...defeated a terra cotta army and the emperor they defended!

Medieval :: Transylvania
...has single-handedly slain Vlad the Impalor, father of all vampires!
...has joined the most elite of the Romanian guardsmen!
...was instrumental in the capture and execution of an innocent!
...through ingenuity led a prison break from a Romanian tower.
...assisted in the overthrow of the Romanian king by his brother!
...took a pivotal role in helping the Ottoman Empire conquer Romania!
...contributed in the removal of an insane Romanian king! rumored to have helped an innocent Romanian serf escape!
...was instrumental in the capture and execution of an innocent!

Medieval :: Tudor England
...was executed for High Treason to the English Crown.
...once served Queen Elizabeth!
...has been branded a traitor to the crown of England!

Medieval :: Viking Scandinavia
...once caught a trout the size of a boat!
...once helped a boy who had been kidnapped by Vikings to return home.
...once helped a little girl find her lost pup.

Industrial :: Abilene
...took vengeance on an innocent tribe for the crimes of others.
...contributed to the genocide of the plains Buffalo with impressive accuracy.
...played a small part in the ratification of the Drum Creek treaty.
...returned a family heirloom to its rightful owner.

Industrial :: African Savanna
...once climbed to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.
...has killed a man-eating lion! one of the greatest big game hunters around!

Industrial :: Bengal
...once defeated a man-eating tiger in close quarters!
...once killed a sacred cow and shall forever be ostracized for it.
...managed to survive a noxious poison and lived to tell about it.
...once rescued a young lad from the clutches of evil pirates!
...has been seen in the company of pirates and may be conspiring with them.

Industrial :: Carnival the strongest person alive!
...earned the position of ringmaster of the Cartucci Carnival Spectacular!
...once reunited a strange man with his distraught mother!
...once saved a carnival and its workers from a scheming manager!

Industrial :: Dartmoor
...escaped from the coven of Dartmoor witches.
...killed the hellhound and restored peace over Dartmoor!
...participated in a major scientific discovery!
...helped enshroud evidences of a nefarious murder plot! a member of Dartmoor's Letterboxing Society.

Industrial :: King Solomon's Mines
...once made the wrong move between the breasts of Sheba!
...knows how to open the doors to King Solomon's Mines.
...has sent the Prince of Hell back to the Abyss!

Industrial :: London Port
...once helped a lost child find their way back home.
...once survived the pitfalls and ordeals of a China Trader!
...once helped poison weak British minds for profit! an Initiate of the Royal Explorers Club! a Commander of the Royal Explorers Club! a Knight of the Royal Explorers Club!

Industrial :: Melbourne
...had the compassion to aid a dying widow.
...once helped bring some dangerous bushrangers to justice.
...has lived with the aborigines, learning their ways.
...qualified as a practitioner of law at the University of Melbourne.
...has a degree in liberal arts from the University of Melbourne.
...has medical qualifications from the University of Melbourne.

Industrial :: Paris
...once landed a lead role in the rarest of operas.
...discovered the entrance to a realm of blackness and terror.
...has fallen to an horrific, fiery death.
...has slain the mightiest of terrors. a member of the Parisian High Society.
...once paid the price for associating with questionable women.
...once managed to save the life of a young lady.
...once decided that a young lady's life was not worth saving.

Industrial :: Philippines
...visited and learned of the many sights of the Philippines.
...dealt with a troublesome topiary opponent.
...fought off a guardian spirit and her minions. a master in the martial art of Eskrima.
...brought an end to a war through non-violent means.
...brought an end to a war through aggression and force.

Industrial :: Pittsburgh
...once got the scoop on a robbery for the Pittsburgh Press.
...once played in a major league ballgame!

Industrial :: Pyramid
...discovered the secret chamber of Horus!
...has been blessed by Cairo's muzzein.
...helped smuggle stolen antiques out of Egypt.
...helped the Pasha protect the treasures of Egypt.

Industrial :: Russian Revolution
...brought the truth to light in the darkest of times!
...was integral in unseating a tyrant and empowering the proletariat!
...sent the tormented soul of an emperor back where it belongs!

Industrial :: San Francisco the proud owner of a gold mine.
...voted in an important election.
...once avenged a brutal murder and laid a tormented spirit to rest. wanted for bank robbery!

Industrial :: Seoni Jungle
...restored the ruined city of Oodeypore to life.
...solved the mystery of the ankus.
...has freed a witch to exact her revenge.

Industrial :: Somme
...saved a British General and his men from a deadly German bombing.
...was once awarded the Distinguished Service Order Cross!