Location:    Ancient Tartarus
...has the balance and speed of a striking snake!
eq: -
notes:Find the Serpent Vault in Erebus, south of Alecto. Kill the mass of serpents there, and get the severed tail of a serpent from the corpse. Examine the scale; you'll need to 'get all scale' quickly followed by putting the severed tail onto the scale. If there's only the Serpent Tail on the scale then (if ; is your delimiter) you can 'get tail scale;put severed scale'. Sometimes there's not only a Serpent Tail but also a severed tail on there as well, so you'll have to 'get all scale;put 2.severed scale'. If you take too long or don't get all the items from the scale then it loses balance and you'll be slain. If you successfully make the trade then you get the whois!

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