Location:    Ancient Greece
...gained access to the Underworld from Hades himself!
<on>  richly embroidered purple tabard
notes:Talk to the old storyteller in Tyre (W N of the main path into town, at the end of the road) ask him Hiram, he will tell you Hiram still appears to defend the lands, go S EEEE D NNN after nighttime 8pm+ the tomb of Hiram will open, enter and say I am an enemy of Tyre, the shade will appear and aggro.

Defeat him and get the ring from his corpse, go to Hades (10am or 10pm) EEEE S W D from the docks of ithaca.

Ask hades Hero, when he shuts up give him the ring.

You get xp/whois/now have access to Tartarus

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