Location:    Ancient Greece
...single handedly drove off a thousand man-eating birds!
<held>  winged victory
notes:This quest involves traversing a conditional DT several times. You must be flying to traverse it safely.Kill the Erymanthean boar and get a filet. Go to the priest of Zeus -- BUY BLACK, PUT BLACK BRAZIER, PUT FILET BRAZIER, ASK PRIEST BIRDS -- he will give a pair of castanets to you. FLY (You must fly to go through the DT safely. Entering the DT will blow you randomly north, west, or south. South is the rest of the MUD. North is a priestess of Artemis and the Birds. West is a promontory.) Enter the DT until you are blown north into a Lightly Wooded Grove. ASK PRIESTESS BIRDS. Go north to Stymphalus Lake. One bird attacks you. Kill it. Reenter the DT until you are blown west onto a Rubble Strewn Hillside. Go north to the Rocky Promontory. Hold and USE CASTANETS -- the birds scatter. Return to the lake via the DT. Go south to the priestess. She will tell obtain blessing of Artemis and she will reward you. Go to the young shepherd west of Ithaca's dock, GIVE 2 COINS SHEPHERD, he will give you a sheep, KILL SHEEP, CARVE CORPSE. Then head west north until you find the shrine, PUT FILET SHRINE.
-> You get Artemis' blessing!

Go back to the priestess and ASK PRIESTESS REWARD.
-> she gives winged victory to you!
-> You get a whois: ...single handedly drove off a thousand man-eating birds!

credit: legenddb

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