Location:    Ancient Greece
...delivered the treasure of Perseus to the enemies of Mycenae!
<head>  helm of Perseus
notes:You must have Theban friendship and perform the Rescue of Heracles first.

Go to Thebes -- ASK AMPHITRYON TASK -- he asks you to steal the helm of Perseus from Mycenae and gives a token to you. (Note: the token is timed.) Go to Mycenae and WEAR TOKEN. Find Licymnius -- ASK LICYMNIUS AMPHITRYON, ASK LICYMNIUS HELM -- he gives a bronze key to you.(Note: everyone in Mycenae will assist Sthenelus. Attacking Sthenelus will give you Mycenaen enmity such that the guards are now agg to you.) Find Sthenelus and kill him. (You get Mycenaen enmity!) Get his armor, crown, and spear and wear/wield them. Go to the Palace Suite (sen from the Throne Room). UNLOCK D, Go D, PUSH EYES. The frieze opens. GET HELM SHELF. Whilst here, get the heavy bone key for the quest for Electryon's cup. Fight or recall your way out of Mycenae. Return to Thebes. GIVE HELM AMPHITRYON
You get a gold bar (worth 22k gp at boatmaker) and the whois

credit: legenddb

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