Location:    Ancient Greece
...has slain an enemy of Mycenae!
eq: -
notes:Go to Khornantus the boatmaker in Ithaca. Buy a bronze tripod. Go to either the south or east gate of Mycenae. ASK GUARD ENTER, then SAY YES -- You are escorted inside. Go to the throne room. KNEEL THRONE, PUT TRIPOD THRONE, KNEEL THRONE. You are granted Mycenaean favor!

Go to Mycenae. Go to King Sthenelus in the throne room -- ASK KING TASK -- he will tell you to bring the head of Amphitryon to him. Go to Thebes. Kill Amphitryon. You gain Theban enmity. Get his head. Recall out. Return to Sthenelus. GIVE HEAD STENELUS
-> You get golden tripod! (worth 25k gp)
-> You get a whois: ...has slain an enemy of Mycenae!

credit: legenddb

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