Location:    Ancient Greece
...once attracted the gaze of the embodiment of wisdom, reason, and purity.
eq: -
notes:Find a widow in Ithaca, ASK WIDOW ODYSSEUS, if its the right widow she will answer 'He is the wisest of men, the fleetest of foot, the
strongest of arm.' Then transforms into Athena (You have to be fast to ask the second question or maybe alias it, otherwise she will transform again and leave) then ASK WIDOW SACRIFICE, she will say that you sacrifice a filet of Helio's goldem ram to her in her sanctuary.

Now you need the temp blessing of Apollo, go and kill the Erymanthian boar and filet the corpse. Go to the priest of Zeus, buy a black pouch. Put black brazier, put filet brazier, now you can go to Thrinakia (from the Docks of Ithaca go 2E 2N E S E S 2E) and kill a golden ram to get the filet for Athena, in the sanctuary outside Cleonae. Buy black, put black brazier, put filet brazier.

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