Location:    Ancient Greece
...has proved to be an equal of Odysseus and is now his boon companion!
<neck>  pendant engraved with a stylized hawk
notes:Complete all 5 Aegean stat quests.

Go to the country of the winds. (From the docks of Ithaca go 2E 2N E S E N 2S.) ASK AEOLUS ODYSSEUS; he asks you to retrieve his lost bag. The bag is inside one of several sei whales which wander six contiguous underwater rooms. (From the docks of Ithaca go E S E N E S E D.) Kill sei whales until you find the bag. WARNING: these rooms are also populated with aggressive squid and dogfish. Return to Aeolus. GIVE BAG AEOLUS. He'll give you the pendant. Go to Odysseus and ASK ODYSSEUS AEOLUS and he will declare you to be his companion.

credit: legenddb

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