Location:    Ancient Greece (stat quest)
...has been rewarded for aiding a goddess!
<ear>  abalone earring
<ear>  conch-shell earring
notes:Go to Erythra the weaver in Ithaca, BUY FRUIT-BASKET, then from Eumaios, BUY FIG, PUT FIG BASKET, from the arbor and olive grove, gather a lemon, some grapes, and an olive and put them in the basket, go to the sandy shoreline, OPEN SOUTH, go south into the Damp Sea-Cave, DROP BASKET
-> You'll get xp!
-> You are blessed by Poseidon!
-> You'll get a conch-shell earring!

go to the country of the winds, (from docks of Ithaca GO 2E 2N E S E N 2S) kill a goat in Aeolus' hut and carve the filet, leave the island, go to the Temple of Ares in Sparta, BUY BLACK POUCH, PUT POUCH BRAZIER, then PUT FILET BRAZIER, you are blessed by Hermes, go to Circe's Island (from Docks of Ithaca go 4E 2N 2E 2N W S W 2N) ask Hermes token, GIVE EARRING HERMES, he'll give you a sparkling sapphire, leave the island, go to Kalypso's Island (from Docks of Ithaca go 4E 2N 2E S W) WARNING: Kalypso cannot give the abalone earring to you if you are invisible. GIVE SAPPHIRE KALYPSO
-> You'll get an abalone earring!

Leave the island, ASK ODYSSEUS KALYPSO.

credit: legenddb

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