Location:    Ancient Greece (stat quest)
...drank the nectar of the Black Lotus and lived to tell the tale!
eq: -
notes:+3 perception

Travel to the Isle of Lotus-Eaters, (from the docks of Ithaca go 6E N 2W), get a garlic bulb, ASK LOTUS-EATER LOTUS, SLEEP, WAKE, GET LOTUS, exit by going in any direction, GIVE LOTUS LOTUS-EATER and he will give you a vial, QUAFF VIAL and you'll be poisoned, he will tell you to tell Odysseus the tale, GIVE GARLIC LOTUS-EATER and he will give you a milky potion, QUAFF MILKY to cure the poison. Leave the island and ASK ODYSSEUS LOTUS .

credit: legenddb

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