Location:    Ancient Greece (stat quest)
...has bested the tricks and traps on the island of Circe!
<arm>  mirror shield
<held>  polished scale
notes:+3 dexterity

With Knowledge of Disarm Trap
Go to Circe's Island, (from Docks of Ithaca go 4E 2N 2E 2N W S W 2N), ASK CIRCE ODYSSEUS, ASK CIRCE TEIRESIAS, go into her bedroom, DISARM TRAP, If you are unsuccessful you are poisoned -- keep trying until you succeed. If the needle is not present, you must wait for the quest to reset. OPEN CHEST You get XP! GET MIRROR CHEST, leave Island, FOLLOW SERVANT, ASK ODYSSEUS CIRCE.

No Knowledge of Disarm Trap
Obtain a polished scale (requires blessing of Hades, but anyone can get it for you):
Go to Satyrus in Ithaca, ASK SATYRUS CIRCE, ASK SATYRUS PORTENTS, ASK SATYRUS TWO EAGLES. Go to the cockatrice in Hades, ASK COCKATRICE BOON, he'll give you a translucent scale. Get limestone from the Aztec quarry. Go to Pytheas the smith in Ithaca -- GIVE SCALE SMITH, GIVE LIMESTONE SMITH. Wait. ASK SMITH SCALE.

Return to Satyrus -- GIVE SCALE SATYRUS. He tells you to bring a clock mainspring, a strigil, and a fish hook to Pytheas the smith. Strigil comes from strigilist in Aquae Sulis in Roman Britain; fish hook comes from a young fisherman in Orkney; mainspring comes from the Key to the City Quest in Tudor London:

BUY ALE at mistress Quickley, find the Lord Mayor's servant, WAKE SERVANT, GIVE ALE SERVANT, he will give you a piece of mangled metal, go to the tinker, and ASK TINKER REPAIR, ASK TINKER MAINSPRING, GIVE 200 COINS TINKER and GIVE METAL TINKER.

Give the three items to Pytheas the smith. He tells you to come back in one day. After that time, return to the smith, he will give you a pair of lock picks (You cannot use someone else's lock picks). Go to Circe's Isle (4E2N2E2NWSW2N from the Docks of Ithaca.) Find Circe (You will need to fly or climb), ASK CIRCE ODYSSEUS, ASK CIRCE TEIRESIAS, Go W, HOLD PICKS, FIDDLE NEEDLE, OPEN CHEST, GET MIRROR CHEST. Leave island. ASK ODYSSEUS CIRCE.

credit: legenddb

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