Location:    Ancient Greece (stat quest)
...has ventured into the Realm of the Dead and returned to tell the tale!
eq: -
notes:+3 constitution

Go to the storeroom of the palace in Ithaca -- kill the bullock. Carve filet, go to the temple of Apollo in Thebes (from the Docks of Ithaca go E 4N W 2N, ASK GUARD GATE, SAY YES, 2E), buy a black pouch, PUT POUCH BRAZIER, then put the bullock filet in the brazier -- you are blessed by Apollo. This blessing is temporary -- it will dissipate if you die or leave the game. Go to the isle of Thrinakia (from the Docks of Ithaca go 2E 2N E S E S 2E), kill a ram, carve a filet, leave the island
Buy a stack of wood from Eumaios in Ithaca.

To pass the Cockatrice in Hades you must either wear the mirror shield and flee past, or you must obtain the blessing of Hades.

Go to the Realm of the Dead (From the Docks of Ithaca go 4E S W D -- the downward passage is only open at about 10am and 10pm daily.) Follow the way down, enter cross the cockatrice's room heading to the north and you'll reach a room with a hot pit -- PUT WOOD PIT -- it bursts into flame. PUT FILET FIRE -- you are asked to whom you wish to speak. SAY TEIRESIAS, ASK TEIRESIAS HELP and he'll tell you to ask Aeolus for help in his name. Leave the realm. FOLLOW SERVANT, ASK ODYSSEUS TEIRESIAS

credit: legenddb

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