Location:    Ancient Greece
...displayed their martial might to help a Prince regain his throne!
<held>  great-bow of Odysseus
notes:Find Telemachus in Ithaca. ASK TELEMACHUS ODYSSEUS, ASK TELEMACHUS MENELAUS -- he asks if you'll help him. ASK TELEMACHUS YES -- Telemachus follows you. GIVE BOAT TELEMACHUS. Go to Menelaus in Sparta -- Telemachus and Menelaus will speak a while -- Telemachus asks you to kill the suitors and stops following you. Return to the palace in Ithaca. Kill the twelve suitors. (Killing one of them will make the others aggressive. You must hurry because the suitors repop quickly. Take too long and Telemachus will reset as well.) Once the suitors are dead, return to Telemachus, SAY ITHACA IS FREE, lead Telemachus to the throne room.

credit: legenddb

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