Location:    Ancient Aboriginal Dreamtime
...with brain and brawn, managed to rid the world of two savage giants.
<about>  kangaroo skin cloak
<head>  ornate headdress of shells
notes:Find Binjarra or Wonjuru and ask one of them GIANTS. They will tell you about the flesh-eating giants. Invis yourself and find the 2 savage giants in the stoney desert. POKE MALE while they are sleeping. He will growl at his wife and begin to fight her. Allow them to beat on each other for a while, but before they stop fighting (before leaking guts), attack the male and kill him. (If you time it right the female will continue to tank for you a while, until she dies.) After they die, you get a choice of rewards: Go to Binjarra and ASK BINJARRA GIANTS -> You get the kangaroo-skin cloak! Go to Wonjuru and ASK WONJURU GIANTS -> You get the ornate headdress! You get xp upon death of male.

credit: legenddb

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