Location:    Ancient Aztecs
...has joined the ranks of the fierce Eagle Knights!
<arm>  battle-hardened wooden chimali
<head>  helmet in the shape of an eagle's head (per)
notes:This quest is currently kind of buggy - if you've started or tried to start the Jaguar quest I believe it can interfere with this quest.

Find an Eagle Knight. Ask eagle ranks. He will tell you to find a feather. Kill bald eagles to the south till you find a "brown and white eagle feather". Return and give the feather to the knight. He will tell you to go capture 5 Chimu prisoners. Head south towards Nazca and you will find 10 Chimu warriors. They do not assist. They are somewhat tough and have idiocy and clumsy weapon specials and like to headbutt. Attack them till they get to dying and flee. Remove your weapon(s) and re-enter and re-engage. After a couple of rounds they will submit and follow you as a beaten Chimu warrior. Re-wield and repeat until you get 5 prisoners. NOTE: the beaten prisoner will be following you and retain all the same keywords, so be sure to use 2.chimu, etc or you will kill your newly obtained prisoner. NOTE: they can die if you have them poisoned, so if you can't make sure to keep them alive, run back and forth and do this individually as described below(otherwise you can do all 5 at once).

After you have 1-5 prisoners return to an eagle knight with the prisoner in tow. NOTE: they can't cross water - there is a land path that can be taken to the Eagle Knights. Ask eagle prisoner - he will take him and let you know your current count. After the 5th prisoner you will get xp, whois, and the helmet in the shape of an eagle's head and battle-hardened wooden chimali.

WARNING: DO NOT "ask eagle ranks" a second time. This will restart the quest, erasing your hard work of finding feathers and capturing prisoners.

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