Location:    Ancient Aztecs
...was chosen to dance as Teteoinan on the last night of Ochpanitztli.
...has been chosen to represent the embodiment of Tezcatlipoca.
...was sacrificed as the Aztec god Tezcatlipoca during Toxcatl.
eq: -
notes:You must have good align. Go to the head priest of Tlaloc. If you're female, ask priest ochpanitzli. If you're male, ask priest tezcatlipoca. If you're male playing a female character, reconsider your life choices. The priest then asks you to dance. dance. You'll get the whois corresponding to your gender.

For the men:
On the morning of April 23, you may receive a dream telling you that you're needed on the final night of Toxcatl. Go to Atop the Ipac Tlamanacali and worship tonatiu. The priest will say you've been chosen to represent Tezcatlipoca. Weren't you already? Anyway, on April 27 return to Atop the Ipac Tlamanacali and you'll be ritually sacrified and receive the whois and some xp.

For the women:
Nadia Edit -- I have been trying to do this quest for nearly 7 years and I have not been able to. Ever. I swear to God, it's buggy as f'k for women. If you've done it with a female character, let me know. Tell me what I'm doing wrong.

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