Location:    Ancient Aztecs
...has angered the Aztec goddess Chicomeciatl.
eq: -
notes:Probably requires that you steal some maize.

Go to the Nazca potter. Buy a beautiful Nazcan pot. Return to Mexica. Find a merchant and ASK MERCHANT POT. If he expresses an appreciation of Nazcan pots then GIVE POT MERCHANT -- He gives ten cocao beans to you. Find a sculptor. WHAP SCULPTOR, he will show a figurine to you. If he shows a figurine of Chicomeciatl to you, ASK SCULPTOR CARVING, GIVE BEANS SCULPTOR, otherwise find another sculptor. Go to the Coateocali behind the pyramid. DROP CARVING, WORSHIP CARVING. Chicomeciatl appears and curses you for stealing maize.

Whois only, no xp

credit: legenddb

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