Location:    Ancient Svartalfheim
...is a renowned hunter of dragons and other wyrms.
<held>  dragon hunter longbow
notes:Find Prince Angantyr, ask prince help. He'll ask you to help fix his sword, ask prince yes. He'll give you some shards. Go 2w2s2w and push rubble. Fight your way past the maggots to the swan-maiden, Gorbela and ask swan help. She'll load a feather in a random room. Find it and give feather swan. She'll fly you into Svartalfheim.

Go kill Nidhogg at the world tree. Make sure you're flying, as there is a random slay room inside the tree. Go to Joruvellir and find the dragon-hunter. ask hunter dragon. He'll send you on a quest for a dragon egg. Go to the Iron Wood and go up - there is a hidden exit from one of the rooms. Kill the 3+ dragon whelps (easy, although it may be that you cannot flee these and they have an annoying special that puts you to sitting) and take the egg back to the hunter.

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