Location:    Ancient Svartalfheim
...has completed the great quest of Svartalfheim!
<finger>  magical ring named Draupnir
<wielded>  magical sword named Tyrfing
notes:Find Prince Angantyr, ask prince help. He'll ask you to help fix his sword, ask prince yes. He'll give you some shards. Go 2w2s2w and push rubble. Fight your way past the maggots to the swan-maiden, Gorbela and ask swan help. She'll load a feather in a random room. Find it and give feather swan. She'll fly you into Svartalfheim.

Go to the alfars and ask grer dvalin, ask grer present, he will tell you to bring a poem as a gift. Go west and ask Berling poetry. Head to Joruvellir and ask Kvaesir poetry. He'll ask you to get his flute and give you Hagalaz, the nature rune. wear rune and enter the AURVANGAR. The nature rune will protect you from being slayed. Go en and you'll get ambushed by the dokkalfar (you can flee and shoot them out if you need to). Their tribe leader has the flute in his corpse.

Go back and give flute kvaesir. He'll follow you. Walk to Fjalar, who will brutally slay poor Kvaesir, have a good chuckle, and give you the mead of poetry. Kvaesir's flute is rentable, so feel free to loot it from his corpse and bypass the whole dokkalfar business, should you wish to repeat the quest.

You must ask Fjalar mead to get the mead of poetry and return to Grer, drink the mead and ask him poetry again, you will be allowed to see Dvalin, give the broken shards to Dvalin and he will babble then give you access to the lands past the 2 headed eagles. You keep this access till you die or rent, even on return trips.

Go find Nidhogg at the world tree. Make sure you're flying, as there is a random slay room inside the tree. Kill him and get bark corpse.

Find and kill Angrboda (WNEE from "The Edge of the Ironwood") and get feather corpse. Find Thjazi (WNENUN from "The Edge of the Ironwood") and go up to Skaldi then ask skaldi ring. She'll babble about freedom, give feather skaldi. She'll give you Fehu, the luck rune. Go down, remove weapon, wear rune and kill Thjazi. This is an annoying fight - you don't want to kill the bastard and he hits hard. You may need to flee and heal. Wait for Thjazi to shapeshift into a bear, flee. Wearing the luck rune allows you to flee into a hidden room with Draupnir, so get ring pedestal.

Go back to the alfars, ask Grer Dvalin and he will open the door again., give shards dvalin. He'll ask for the bark of the world tree and a magical ring. How convenient that you already have those. Give them to him one at a time. He'll do a little hocus-pocus and give you Tyrfing. Leave Svartalfheim, go back to Prince Angantyr and give tyrfing prince.

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