Location:    Ancient Beowulf
...has completed a great task, and is fit for the meadhalls of Walhalla!
...slew Grendel's mother, a monstrous sea-wolf, rimwalker of foulest regions.
<neck>  gold neck-ring
<on>  gray battle-shirt
<wielded>  longsword hrunting
<wielded>  skyblade
<about>  swan cloak
notes:PART A)
Find Wiglaf, ASK WIGLAF SWORD. He will ask you to free him. Find Modthryth. KILL MODTHRYTH. Return to Wiglaf, ASK WIGLAF SWORD. FOLLOW WIGLAF. At the entrance of the barrow he will stop and tell you to follow yourself. Be sure that you fly now (there is a DT, but you can survive both of them by flying) FOLLOW SELF, from 'In the Barrow' go east till 'Rockslide', then north and up and north and up till you reach a 'Rock Face'. TAP ROCK 3*. The slab swings open. Go east and south and GET SWORD. Find HROTHGAR in the lando of the Scyldings. ASK KING GRENDEL. At 1am you will hear a yell about the rimwalker, go north and KILL GRENDEL. After a while Grendel will lose its arm and flee. HUNT GRENDEL, but be careful you have to cross the sea-wolf to reach grendel, seawolf is agg and rather tough, so DASH EE if you stand in the room before 'The Lair of the Sea-Wolf' (check exits), KILL GRENDEL, GET HEAD CORPSE, HUNT HROTHGAR (be careful again, DASH WW to get out of the lair), GIVE HEAD KING, Hrothgar will give you a gold neck-ring, a gray battle-shirt and the longsword hrunting.

ASK KING SEAWOLF, WIELD WELAND (the sword you found in the barrow), HUNT SEAWOLF, you can go 3 wary, coz you dont kill it like you usually kill, suddenly while fighting the sword of weland will kill the seawolf with a special attack, KILL SEAWOLF, GET HILT, HUNT HROTHGAR, he will give you the boars head helmet, HUNT COOK, ASK COOK BLOOD, GET BUCKET, ask a create-mage to give you an ID-VIAL, get a meteorite (they do randomly appear in any outdoor-room of the mud), best is to ask via chat-auc-info that if anybody sees a meteorite he should contact you.

Go to the dwarf Ragin and DON'T HUNT HERE (neither in nor out his room) if you hunt here you will be led into a slay-room, from the pebbled beach go 2N W 3S W 2N W 2S to meet ragin, ASK RAGIN SWORD, he wants the deadliest poison created by magic (ID-VIAL), GIVE VIAL RAGIN, now the dwarf will begin to work, he will work for 24 mud-hours and if you rent out while he is working you have to begin PART C again... if you wait the 24 mud-hours in the dwarves room you ll get a statement from the dwarf about his work... after the time passed, ASK RAGIN SWORD, he will give you the SEITHBLADE, (now you can rent out, but be sure to keep the seithblade, you will need it to initiate PART D)

at dwarf: DROP SWORD (seithblade), STOMP SWORD, ragin will be sad, coz the sword will break into shards, then the dwarf will ask for blood, GIVE BUCKET RAGIN, ragin will begin to work again ... and again for 24 hours, dont rent out, you would have to start with PART C again, after the time passed ASK RAGIN SWORD, he'll give you the SNAKEBLADE (now you may rent out, but be sure to keep the snakeblade, you need it to initiate PART E)

at dwarf: DROP BLADE, STOMP BLADE, ragin will be sad again, coz the sword will break again, he will ask for heavenly iron (meteroite) and for a magical part of a weapon from Weland (corroded hilt from the sword of weland), GIVE METEORITE RAGIN, GIVE HILT RAGIN, and again the dwarf will begin to work for 24 mudhours, and again for 24 mudhours-> dont rent out, this time you would have to start with PART B, after the time passed ASK RAGIN SWORD, he will give you the SKYBLADE, drop sword, stomp sword and this time the sword wont break, now you may rent out, but you need the sword to do PART F

WIELD SKYBLADE, find fadhmir (DONT HUNT HIM) be careful: fadhmir resides in a DT -> you need to fly to get to him, KILL FADHMIR, he is extremely tough, but the SKYBLADE will make you loose only 1-2 hp from fadhmir's attacks, so you will be able to kill him (300k-mob), after the dragon is dead, ragin the dwarf will rush into the room and attacks you... hmm... kill him ;), after the dwarf is dead return to Modthryth and a swan will appear after which he will give you a swancloak.

credit: legenddb

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