Location:    Ancient Anasazi America
...has brought rain to the Anasazi and saved the people.
<wielded>  rattle decorated with a lightning bolt
<wielded>  rattle decorated with a raindrop
<wielded>  rattle decorated with thunderclouds
notes:Find the Sun-chief near Kayenta -- ASK CHIEF RAIN, ASK CHIEF DANCE, ASK CHIEF RATTLE. He will give an open rattle to you. Find the following in any order

Go to the desert two-west of Kayenta's Grinding Room (wwwnww of sun-chief) -- GET SAND, PUT SAND RATTLE (Sand does not have a long description so it will not appear in the room).

Hunt cougar (or eenneeedennnnnnnnnw from desert with sand). Throw baby out (or fight all of them). Get whiskers corpse, put whiskers rattle.

Find beans (some found in a huge storage room, 2 down from Anasazi babies - where you load spider grandmother) also randomly around bean fields. Get beans, put beans rattle.

Find yucca cactus (found in "deeper desert" room). Get fibers cactus, put fibers rattle.

Find a flake of obsidian (found on an Anasazi woman - angry this time). Put it in the rattle.

Return to the sun-chief. Give rattle sun-chief. Ask sun-chief steps. Go to the painting of the sun-god (wwnn) and HOLD THE RATTLE. Do the following steps as told to you by the sun-chief:
Dance, dance, worship painting, dance, bow painting, wave rattle, dance, shake rattle, swoon, dance, ponder painting, jump, dance, bounce, dance.

Return to sun-chief for xp and whois. He will ask which reward you want: rattle with a thundercloud (con weapon which casts noise), rattle with a lightning bolt (lightning wand), rattle with a raindrop (drown wand). ASK SUN-CHIEF [THUNDERCLOUD|LIGHTNING|RAINDROP].

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