Location:    Industrial Carnival
...once reunited a strange man with his distraught mother!
...once saved a carnival and its workers from a scheming manager!
<on>  ringmaster's vest
notes:You must complete the quest where you earn the position of ringmaster before you can do this quest.

1. Go to "In the Centre Ring"
-- at 6pm, say Roll up, roll up, roll up!
-- You'll get knocked the f- out by a sandbag
-- Serpentina will give you a note, asking you to talk to her about giving her some of your sweet, sweet... help.
2. Dress up in a clean shirt, spray some Axe Body Spray on yourself like the 8th grader you are, and go wait behind the tent (3n of the Centre Ring) until Midnight.
3. Go talk to the geek (endws from Johnson)
4. Kill Johnson
5. Return to the geek
6. Get moondust from the theater
7. Return to the geek and give him the moondust
8. Give locket Zeena, she'll talk
9. Ask Zeena Tragedy
10. Follow Zeena
11. She'll talk and her midwife-friend will show up. They'll talk.
12. Ask Midwife Yes, she'll talk some more
13. Find Zemke's Wife, Rose. She reads the letter, then Zemke shows up. Such drama. Much shame. Wow.
14. Return to Zeena's, she'll unlock the door. Open and go west, to the midwife
15. Go to the frightened young man, in the same room as the conjoined twins
16. Give locket man
17. Ask man yes
18. Return to the midwife, at Zeena's
-This is where you get the whois "...once reunited a strange man with his distraught mother!"

19. Rose shows up and gives you a letter
20. Go to Marius, give letter Marius

You get XP, info-lauds, and the Ringmaster's vest as well as the whois:
...once saved a carnival and its workers from a scheming manager!

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