Location:    Medieval Kleinstadt
...once jumped on the Kleinstadt bandwagon!
eq: -
step 1 ask lehensherr citizenship, become ritter

step 2 talk to merchants
Guenter ask him trust, get 3 items from rominaia, fashionable poulaines (textile merchant), polished black boots (almost every mob in romania) calf-high brown boots from Vlad, ask guenter trust to finish

Friederich (when asked for trust he responded that I had already helped him in the past and thus have his trust, another quest?)

Hans, ask hans trust, ask hans help, ask hans make bread, ask hans yes, buy flour from mr. mueller, honey from the tree near the forest leading to the bestie for the ritter quest, a water barrel from erich and fill it at the well, ask hans trust

Karl ask karl trust and the fucking asshole will rob you of 50k in gold,

Georg, get a chunk of obsidian from anasazi mobs, sliver of onyx from tara same as for mahi quest, a meteorite, and a lump of iron/bronze from Tortuga (or other places), ask georg trust

Leopold, ask leopold trust, he tells you to gain his brother's trust, hunt lukas, ask lukas trust, return to leopold ask him trust

Otto, male characters gain instant trust, female characters otto will want to get to know better, and insist on you going to the woods with him alone, at 6 in the morning, on a non-sunday so as not to anger the lord our god, buy a pack of sheepskin condoms from erich and follow otto at 6am. folio him around from 6am to 4pm and listen to him blah blah no need to respond just go afk., ask otto trust.

Olga, ask olga trust, she summons 20 wolves about town, spam hunt and kill wolf till you kill 20, return to olga and ask her trust.

Heinrich, As Heinrich trust, he wants you to polish the FRONT rows of benches in the kirche, go to the front and polish 3 benches with the polish social, from the altar there is one north, then one west, and one east, return to heinrich and ask him trust.

Apotheker, ask apotheker trust, he wants you to bring silk to sigune, hunt karin and buy 3 balls of silk, hunt sigune and give her the silk, return to apotheker ask him trust.

Erich, As Erich trust, he steals another 50k

Lukas, gained with leopold

step 3 return to der lehensherr and ask him merchant council, you become kleinstadt asshole.

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