Location:    Medieval Pirates' Den
...is a true appreciator of obsolete antiquities!
<face>  veil of golden chain
notes:Go to Mssr Levasseur in Tortuga fort.
Ask him pirate
ask him, i forget, he tells you what to ask him next, rare finds or collectibles or something.
ask him proof.

Go to East side PD kill skeletons until you get 4 piles of bones, give all 4 piles to Levasseur 1 at a time, he then asks you to retrieve items from each other side.

Collect the golden chain from the chest at the end of west side (cursed)
collect the ancient parchment scroll from the pile of bones in north side (south from the lever)
collect a belaying pin from south side pd (on a random jailor)

give the items to Mssr Levasseur one at a time and he gives you the chain!

Edit [Naeva]:
You don't get this whois. Whoever made this quest entry is a dirty liar. A hilarious liar, but a dirty liar all the same. <3

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