Location:    Industrial Philippines
...brought an end to a war through non-violent means.
<wrist>  gold watch awarded for efforts in peace
notes:You can also accomplish this quest violently, for a different reward.

This quest can be accomplished at an extremely low level (probably as low as 1) with respect to a few perils, the faceless woman trap room, and wandering about the wrong area with your Kapitunan armband on or off respectively.

find Captain William T. Johnston
ask Johnston assignment, he'll tell you to see Lieutenant George Curry.

Go to Lt. Curry W S E E S E from Johnston.
ask Curry assignment, he'll tell you to deal with Vitorino Belarmino.
Go to General Belarmino N N W N open east E from Lt. Curry.
ask Belarmino medicine
ask Curry medicine
go to the medical officer W W W W S W W from Johnston, ask officer quinine
give quinine Belarmino, Belarmino will give you his scabbard, you gain XP, give the scabbard to Lt. Curry.

ask Johnston assignment, he asks for info about Blas Villamor's weapons smuggling.
find Villamor W N N W W N W N N W W S from Johnston, in a hidden room west of the tobacco fields (open west) W, go N into the shed
put fuse crates, light fuse (you can buy a fuse and match at the chinese merchant)
shit blows up, you get xp
get key, go south, unlock lockbox, get ledger lockbox
***Don't use the same path to return, you will fall under the Abra bridge into a room with the faceless woman and need to climb or fly up to get out, the room is also no tell/chat/auction/communication.***
give ledger Johnston

ask Johnston assignment, he wants you to pry information from Father Aglipay
W N N W W N W from Johnston is the sandalwood tree, get bark tree from the sandalwood tree at A Fork in the Road at Tarlac
go to Father Aglipay N N N (Beware the Bridge trap fly room mentioned earlier) N E N N from the sandalwood tree, wait in the room until he comments on being out of incense
ask Aglipay incense
give bark woman (the old woman east of the Laoag entrance or south twice from Aglipay's church)
give incense Aglipay you get xp
give tenets Johnston, you get an armband of Katipunan, do NOT wear the armband yet, all American and non-revolutionary fillipinos will aggro if you wear the armband.

ask Johnston assignment, now he asks you to pacify General Aguinaldo
W N N W open north, N from Cpt. Johnston, wear the armband at this point and Aguinaldo's guards will not aggro you. N E N N W from here is Aguinaldo, ask Aguinaldo surrender, listen to his sob story, if you performed all the steps non-violently he will surrender and give you a letter. Pass Aguinaldo's guards and ******REMOVE THE ARMBAND***** then return to Johnston.
give letter Johnston
from Johnston, W W W W S open south S, give letter Taft, you get the gold watch!

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