Location:    Industrial Philippines
...brought an end to a war through aggression and force.
<wrist>  silver watch awarded for military valor
notes:You can also accomplish this quest peacefully, for a different reward.

find Captain William T. Johnston
ask Johnston assignment, he'll tell you to see Lieutenant George Curry.

ask Curry assignment, he'll tell you to deal with Vitorino Belarmino.
kill Belarmino, get scabbard corpse
give scabbard Curry (this allows you entrance to the south, past the blockade)

ask Johnston assignment, he asks for info about Blas Villamor's weapons smuggling.
find Villamor in a hidden room west of the tobacco fields, go north into the shed
put fuse crates, light fuse (you can buy a fuse and match at the chinese merchant)
shit blows up, you get xp
get key, go south, unlock lockbox, get leger lockbox
give ledger Johnston

ask Johnston assignment, he wants you to pry information from Father Aglipay
ask Aglipay incense
get bark tree from the sandalwood tree at A Fork in the Road at Tarlac
give bark woman (the old woman east of the Laoag entrance)
give incense Aglipay
give tenets Johnston

ask Johnston assignment, now he asks you to pacify General Aguinaldo
find and kill Aguinaldo (hidden exit north of A Washed Out Section of the Principe Trail). you may wear the armband to get past the guards without fighting, but they're good xp and not that tough anyway.
get jacket corpse
give jacket Johnston
give jacket MacArthur

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