Location:    Medieval Japan
...is enlightened by the seven Hokku.
<held>  dragon-handled wakizashi (held)
<wielded>  dragon-handled wakizashi (weapon)
notes:Go to the theater in Kyoto at 10am. When the actors appear, CLAP ACTORS. Go 1w and wait in the garden until 2pm. Some dude will whisper to you. You now have access to Lady Yodo. Find Madaishi (old vagabond). ASK MADAISHI POEM.Repeat this until you have all 7 poems. Once getting a poem, Madaishi will only give you another after 24 mud hours (1 hr 3 minutes RL time).You can get other people to ask for poems to quicken the quest. Go to Lady Yodo. ASK LADY POETRY. ASK LADY MADAISHI. When she asks, give all 7 poems to her one by one.

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