Location:    Industrial Melbourne
...once helped bring some dangerous bushrangers to justice.
eq: -
notes:For this quest you will need a Friend to help.

You: HUNT the officer of the law. ASK OFFICER BUSHRANGER -> he'll prattle on, ASK OFFICER VOLUNTEER -> he will tell you to get a friend.

Your Friend: ASK OFFICER FRIEND -> the officer will prattle on, SAY YES -> the officer will instruct your Friend and give him 1000 gp.

You: ASK OFFICER INSTRUCTIONS -> he will tell you. Find Ben Jamieson, ASK JAMIESON JOIN -> he will ask you to bring him the quill pen of Redmond Barry, HUNT & KILL BARRY (he is tough), GET KEY CORPSE, go to Barry's office, UNLOCK DESK, OPEN DESK, GET PEN DESK, find and RIDE a horse, GIVE PEN JAMIESON, FOLLOW JAMIESON.

Your friend: must remove and bag his weapon, walk into the room with the gang (they only rob around dawn and dusk) -> after several tries, the bandits will hold up your Friend, GIVE 1000 COINS JAMIESON, go to the Lucky Nugget.

You: ASK JAMIESON DRINKS -> Jamieson follows you, go to the Lucky Nugget -> the officer will be waiting in the Lucky Nugget where he will arrest Ben Jamieson and his gang,

credit: legenddb

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