Location:    Industrial Carnival
...earned the position of ringmaster of the Cartucci Carnival Spectacular!
<neck>  lucky rabbit's foot
notes:HUNT MARIUS ASK MARIUS JOB -> he'll tell you to earn the respect of the performers first, find the lion tamer (animal trainer)-> he hands you a whip and goes into the lion cage, WIELD WHIP, go NORTH into the cage -> the lion will attack, but then desist when it sees the whip, the trainer drags you out and gives you his approval, find Anya the acrobat -> she'll ask what you have to offer the acrobats, TUMBLE infront of Anya -> she will give you her approval, find the clown -> he will perform for you, CHEER CLOWN -> he will give you his approval, return to Marius ASK MARIUS JOB -> he will tell you to check on the elephants, BUY PEANUTS from one of the vendors on the midway, GIVE PEANUTS ELEPHANT, find the trainer, KILL TRAINER, return to Marius.

credit: legenddb

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