Location:    Industrial Seoni Jungle
...restored the ruined city of Oodeypore to life.
...solved the mystery of the ankus.
...has freed a witch to exact her revenge.
<ear>  tiny golden bee
<ear>  tiny ivory elephant
<ear>  tiny jewelled skull
<ear>  tiny lacquered tree
<ear>  tiny silver cobra
<ear>  tiny wooden ape
notes:Find Nathoo in the village north of the port. OPEN KNOTS, go S, ASK NATHOO KEY -- he tells you to get an elephant for him. Go to the entrance of the Seoni jungle and HUNT GISBORNE, ASK GISBORNE SEEDS, HUNT SKELETON, BOW SKELETON, ASK SKELETON ANKUS, from skeleton go 3SWSW, DROP SEEDS, CRY SEEDS,

Go back to the skeleton -> it will give you an ivory skull, go SW and GET BED, DROP BED (you need to have >60str to lift the bed or in case you're create mage: use a homunculus to lift the bed), go E2S2W, OPEN DOWN, cast sustain breath on yourself (or have the skill) and go DOWN, then N and here you have to DISARM DOOR, then go WN. DO NOT REENTER THE DEATHTRAP! GIVE SKULL COBRA -> it will give you the ankus. Go up twice, HUNT HATHI, WIELD ANKUS, RIDE HATHI, HUNT NATHOO
-> you'll get the whois ...SOLVED THE MYSTERY OF THE ANKUS!

Nathoo will tell you the key is to be found in the river. Go up the Waingunga to the Underground Cavern, GET KEY. Go to Messua, UNLOCK CHAINS -> Messua summons the priest and kills him.
-> You get a whois ...HAS FREED A WITCH TO EXACT HER REVENGE! Go to the clearing 5SE3SW of Messua's hut -> Messua appears and will drop six earrings.

credit: legenddb

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