Location:    Industrial Paris
...once landed a lead role in the rarest of operas.
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notes:Find Msr. Firmin in the theatre and ASK FIRMIN AUDITION, then PLAY for him until you will play brilliantly. Go to 'Centre Stage' and PLAY again (again brilliantly), Phantom comes and drops a mask, GET MASK. Find the bibliothecaire in theatre, ASK LIBRARIAN PHANTOM, SAY YES, she dumps you in the labrynthe. (You may leave now by exiting through the locked north door.) WEAR MASK and go DOWN. Play an instrument -- after playing you'll hear echoes from all directions except one, and that direction the the one to follow. REPEAT PLAYING in EACH room till you find yourself north of a deathtrap.

You must now deactivate the deathtrap, before it is safe to continue. DISARM TRAP. Failure sends you back to the librarian. Check exits. If south is CRUSHED TO DEATH IN THE LAIR OF THE MASTER, then the deathtrap is still active. disarm it again. On the other hand, if it is merely IN THE LAIR OF THE MASTER, it is safe. Make sure you are wearing the mask, and head south. He will talk to you and give you a score, -> you get XP! You are transported back to the library.

Then you must find the conductor and KILL CONDUCTOR, GET KEY CORPSE and find his chamber (from theatre gate it is e,3n,w), UNLOCK SAFE with key and change scores (put the score you got from Phantom into the safe and get the other score), go to centre stage, SLEEP, WAKE, ASK FORM TEACH, he can teach you sing, but you must give score from conductor's chamber to him), SLEEP and WAKE again to repeat SING till you once more appear in the lair of the master with the Phantom.

credit: legenddb

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