Location:    Industrial Dartmoor
...is a member of Dartmoor's Letterboxing Society.
eq: -
Pass near the granite farms and face Brentor, look at your feetA Provincial Marketplace [nesw]
The ancients of the moor always said elms are great secret keepers...The Village of Grimpen
A few steps north from the stables, head west in the pasture, look in a bushThe Dartmoor Plateau
Head north towards high moor and look into a thick bush of fernAmong Tall Bushes of Fern
Try not to get too wet when looking for this letterbox!Under the Bridge
The letterbox is located above the river Dart!A Clapper Bridge over the River Dart
Walk a few steps west from the bridge, and turn towards the moorOn the Moor [ew]
Western Moor
Head north from the church until moss-covered rocks block your wayOn the Moor [sw]
Three steps west from the sheep's palace, look under rockA Road Around Barren Hills
Baaa -- It is all I can ever hearAt a Ruined Sheepfold
Head north from the elm to the base of a small hill, look at your feetAt the Base of a Small Hill
Do not fall through the peat at the unreachable rockAt Believer Tor
4 steps north from the church, 3 steps west and head into the mireOn a Dying Trail, in the Mire [sw] [none]
Wander until you see the strange jagged summit and look at your feetOn the Moor [nes]
Look at your feet, before they enter the witches' woodsOn the Moor [ne]
Turn around Vixiana's rock, walk 3 steps and look inside a logWistman Woods [nes] [es] [ew] [nw] [none]
North of town, find the flat hill and look under a rockNear the Top of a Flat Hill
Why building a gate here with that many neighbors?At a Moor-Gate, Before a Manor
High Moor
Find the hidden valley and inspect nearby miresAt a Valley Mire
Head east towards the grasslands and look near a wild pondOn a Wet Grassland, Among the Wilderness
Watch your steps, dont fall in a bog while wanderingWandering on the High Moor [sw]
Wander on the moor and look for the grass-bladed swords!On a Desolated Plain [nes] [ne]
May you find peace, hunterAt Childe's Tomb
High Plains
Sit here at night and you will meet the slayer of the moorsBy a Twisted Alder Tree
Three paces west of the waterwheel, look at your feetThe Entrance of an Abandoned Tin Mine
Turn around the lake and face septentrion, look at your feetOn a Footpath, around Burrator Reservoir
One by one, the rocks of the shore you must liftA Pebbled Beach
Turn around the lone high-moor cairn and examine the nearby bushesWandering on the High Moor [esw]
A boulder hill, find the old quarry, look at your feetAt the Start of a Rough Footpath
Surprising to find the comfort of a chimney fire here in the wild?Before a Once-Abandoned Farmstead
Were you really that sure about dying, old chap?Main Room of the Stapletons' Farm
Walk east towards the high moor and look near the mist-hidden ruinsBefore the Ruins of an Old Abbey
Knees deep in water, look under the bog's rotten logsNear a Nasty Bog [esd]
Facing the man-looking rock, turn around and look under a rockAt Bowerman's Nose
Head east and look under the giant's rocktableAt Dinger Tor
Watch your steps as heading north will surprisingly make you stumble on a TorOn a Desolated Plain [ns]
Do not drink too much cider and look around the old millMerryvale Stone Rows

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