Location:    Industrial Dartmoor
...participated in a major scientific discovery!
eq: -
notes:Go to father Graves in Grimpen village, ask him spider, pick south, go south, open all the jars till a spider attacks you (not sure if this is needed)

Go to the mine on the moor, from the Adder tree go north and push wheel, make your way north/up then west and pick up a stick of dynamite, now make your way back to where you fell and go east, put dynamite detonator, push detonator, go west before you get blown up.

Wait for explosion, go east a few then north, get the fuse, go back where you got the dynamite but go east instead of west, put fuse machine, the door opens, go back to where you got the fuse, go east instead.

You will be attacked by boggy mary, she summons 3 helper spiders. Kill mary, get the leg from her corpse, take the leg back to father graves, wait a while, go back, ask father spider, you get xp and whois.

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