Location:    Industrial Dartmoor
...escaped from the coven of Dartmoor witches.
<waist>  many-pocketed belt
<wrist>  silver wrist cuff
notes:Buy a mint jelly from the tavern in Grimpen village.
Enter the moors and pass the adder tree (careful of baskerville doggy if nighttime) find a sheep and give the jelly to it.
From the adder tree go EE SSS (or something) to a room with a stone dolmen or druid circle or altar of some kind, in the moor. Kill the sheep and you will get a message about something or other with the dolmen, the sheep will have a severed head if killed in the right room.

Get the head from the corpse and leave the moor, travel to Wistman(wisteria?) woods and find the room with an altar once again, put the sheeps head on the altar and wait, 4-5 Witches will surround you, the exits are all removed for the time being.

Entrance all the witches but Vixiana, then kill Vixiana, when she dies all the witches will die with her, the cuff will be on her corpse, and 2+ of the witches will drop the Many pocketed belt item, it comes with 10 parsley in each belt, woo!

If you want to get the whoistring then depart from your group and exit the woods, if you don't need the string then just exit, you get xp and whois the first time.

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