Location:    Industrial London Port
...is an Initiate of the Royal Explorers Club!
...is a Commander of the Royal Explorers Club!
...is a Knight of the Royal Explorers Club!
<arms>  Royal explorer's lamp
notes: 1. Blue Ribbon
Fogg will ask you to retrieve 5 items from random locations across the mud. The items may be on the ground, in a container, in a mob's corpse, or sold in a shop.

archer's thumb ringmedievalSilk RoadChang'an archers
bark sleevesancientAboriginal DreamtimeTiddalick
battered DudelsackmedievalKleinstadtVolker, the roving minstrel
beaded headbandancientAnasazifreindly woman
bright red flannel shirtindustrialSan Franciscovarious mobs
broken cedar wandancientCarthagein A Hidden Arsenal (push button from An Opulent Bedroom)
broken panancientCeltic Irelandagnes
charm braceletancientGreecemaidservant
copper ankletsancientNazcaMetal worker
cross shaped pendantmedievalLimaSenorita Ruiz
crude iron needlemedievalKlienstadtapprentice to die Naeherin
cylinder of hydrogenindustrialSommeforward observer
deep blue long pantsindustrialParis OperaM. Andre
divorce certificatenedievalKleinstadtbarrister (near Judge Reinhold)
double breasted jacketindustrialParistailor (after 8 am)
elegant golden keyindustrialZanzibarguard (2s of Sayyid Said)
flake of obsidianancientAnasazion ground
fringed buckskin jacketindustrialSan Franciscogrizzled prospector
gaudy silver noseringancientGreeceSatyrus
gingerbread manmedievalTudor LondonMarjory
glittery rockindustrialSan Franciscoold mine NE of city
golden hair ballancientCeltic IrelandPrincess Arwyn
golden plum blossommedievalSilk RoadWineseller
hand written manuscriptmedievalMaltain a bookcase near Aloph
hemp kerchiefmedievalKleinstadtfarmer wives (Klein expansion)
indian bone necklacemedievalBostonChief Metacomat
lace-trimmed capmedievalQuebecseedy-looking woman
large silver keymedievalScandanavialibrarian (in abbey)
lavish gown of white and goldindustrialParisyoung designer
leather satchel embossed with runeworkmedievalKleinstadtmidwife (Klein expansion)
linen scarfmedievalScandanaviaHelga
long naginatamedievalJapansohei
medallion of officemedievalTudor EnglandLord Mayor
metal stylusmedievalScandanaviascribe (in abbey)
narrow wooden shieldancientAboriginal DreamtimeTiddalick
necklace of sandalwood beadsindustrialZanzibarfisherman (off the coast, doesn't always load)
pair of diceancientGreecestableboy
plain silver keymedievalKleinstadtein priester
rusted French army saberindustrialPyramidgrave-robber
scytheancientIndiafarmer (near the starving old man)
sea-purple ribbonancientGreeceNausicaa (near Odysseus)
sharp shard of glassmedievalKleinstadtOtto
silken brown hosemedievalRomaniatextile merchant
simple beaded braceletancientIndiagrhini
simple cotton loinclothancientNazcaangry-looking Chimu warrior
skinned leggingsindustrialParis OperaMadame De Costumes
small bag of spiceancientArabian Nightscamel driver's son
small bag of spicemedievalKleinMarcus (store)
steel plated bootsmedievalMaltaAloph
steel plated bootsmedievalSeassea captains
stethoscopeindustrialSommevarious surgeons
stone of wisdomancientAboriginal Dreamtimewise elder
stout crookancientGreeceshepherd
tarhamedievalCrusadesmilabis merchant (in Akka)
tattered white robeancientIndiavillager
thin iron ringmedievalKleinstadtLehensfrau
tough leather jacketmedievalScandanaviaEgil
turkey featherancientAnasaziturkey
turquoise birdancientAnasaziwoman
twig flyswattermedievalMaltaCustoms Clerk
vergamedievalMaltapage (near the silversmith)
very pistolindustrialSommeCorporal James
white and purple orchidancientCarthagecarpet of orchids beyond Nymph trans
white silk scarfindustrialSommepilot
yucca sandalsancientAnasaziangry-looking anasazi man and friends

2. Velvet Ribbon
Fogg will ask you to retrieve handbooks which will be scattered across the mud in predetermined rooms. Small areas usually have 1 room, larger areas can have many. The book will be on the floor in the room, and it will appear as:
A small handbook has been abandoned here!

Era Area Locations
ancient Anasazi room: Mining for Silver
info: Near Kayenta town, sort of close to the war chief.
ancient Aztecs room: On the Canal
info: In the northern half of the area.
ancient Egypt, city of the living room: Within a Huge, Echoing, Cobwebby Palace
info: east from the mob who hands out burkos, then push door to open a hidden room north
ancient Greece room: Chamber of Alcmena
info: South of the witches in Thebes

room: The River Erymanthus
info: N W W from the Temple of Zeus, near the Nemean Lion area.
ancient Nazca room: On a Tiny Ledge Above a Canyon
info: A little north/east then down, from the Nazca village, same room as with the baby Llama.
ancient Roman Britan room: Men's Apodyterium
info: In the bathhouse a few rooms west and south from the Falcon inn
ancient Tyre room: In the Necropolis
info: On the west side, behind a locked door.
medieval Alaska room: Beneath Beaufort Sea
info: Down from the pod of killer whales, Sustained Breath needed

room: ?
info: Inuit Village, room before the Shaman's hut

room: Lost on the Tundra
info: In the middle of the repeating room maze, in the middle of the Alaska area.
medieval Crusades room: a Coastal cave
info: veer off south and east, before the entrance of crusades.

room: gate of St. Peter
info: sort of near the dragon, in one of the castles along the strip east of sallah, along the wall going north to mosul

room: A Grove of Olives and Grapes
info: in the area North-west-ish of Mosul, near but not through the fly/slay chasm.

room: Among the Jinn
info: atop the walls of Akka, from the room you climb up/down to enter/exit north, north, west, the same room with the Angel of Akka.
medieval Germany room: On a Darkening Forest Road
info: W, N of the Forge in the forest, all north of the gate leading into the forest.

room: In the Eastern Transept of Sankt Ursalas Kirche
info: In the church in the southeast part of town
medieval Malta (Valetta) room: A Quiet Alcove
info: in Mdina, north of An Inn on Pjazza san Publju

room: A small cottage
info: South of the village square of Xemxija
medieval Quebec room: A Watch Office
info: 2s3w from the king's inn

room: Lake George
info: WS from Hah-gweh-di-yu
medieval Salem room: Deep in the Woods
info: west of town
industrial Bengal room: By the Mohwa Tree
info: in the jungle, near the tiger

room: In The Marsh
info: Past the Waingunga, near Purun Bhagat
industrial Dartmoor room: Hallway Leading to Bedrooms
info: in the mansion, north of Grimpen Mire

room: Inside Childe's Kistvaen
info: on the moors, before the hound
industrial Paris room: Section de L'armement
info: hunt armourer

room: ?
info: has the mayor's box

room: Strolling along the Champs Elysees
info: SWNN from slovenly man
industrial Pittsburgh room: Mount Washington
info: 5s w s uu from sixth streeth bridge

room: Joe's Ice Cream Parlor
info: S E from the Stranger ammo vendor.
industrial San Francisco room: Above the water wheel
info: through the river and north some
industrial Savannah room: a Masai hut
info: 3 south of the laibon's hut
industrial WWII North Africa room: The scene of a great battle
info: SW from oasis
industrial Melbourne room: Andrew Stuart's Library
info: Andrew Stuart's Library, believe it or not

room: An Untidy House
info: In the west side of town

3. Red Ribbon
Fogg will have you find 5 specific rooms. All you need to do is walk into the designated room, and you will receive a message telling you to return.

After the red ribbon quests, you are given the temporary pretitle of 'The Royal Explorer'. If you would like for this to disappear, just ask butler pretitle_removal

Room Era Area Note
A Crypt in the Ruins industrial Dartmoor Holmes' room - only opens during certain times of day
A Dead End in the Crypt ancient Carthage Moloch's Temple - WNEN from evil guardian
A Foul-Smelling Rubbish Dump ancient Aboriginal Dreamtime near Binjarra
A Rough Shack industrial Melbourne near brick makers
A Tailor Shop medieval Malta along the Triq Il Merkanti
A Watch Office medieval Quebec 2s3w from the King's inn
Arrival of the Great Relief medieval Malta near Dragut
At Dinghor Tor industrial Dartmoor on the high moor - only opens during certain times of day
Atop a ledge ancient Beowulf on way to dragon
Before the Great Marsh ancient Tartarus
Climbing a Promontory industrial South Seas near the pirates
Coniferous Forest medieval Alaska
In a Blocked Tunnel industrial Dartmoor in the mines
In a Perilous Glen ancient Land of Shadows
In a Smoky Madh medieval Crusades in Akka
In the Crypt medieval St Denis Abbey cellarer has the key to the underground crypt
In the Sub-Cellar medieval Viking Scandinavia In Lindisfarne, can kill the old monk for key
Inside a Tomb ancient Greece Hiram's tomb in Tyre, opens at 9pm at night
Lakeside Intersection medieval Romania 4w of the well
Near the Forge ancient Beowulf by Ragin, the dwarf - don't hunt
On Dhingli Road medieval Malta near the orange orchard
On the Moon industrial Carnival north past the freak show, hidden up room
On the Path medieval Salem near the hidden indian
On the Plains of Ill-Luck ancient Land of Shadows south of Ferdia
On the Waingunga industrial Seoni Jungle near the Mugger
Searching the Blackness industrial Paris in the sewers: ask librarian phantom, ask librarian yes
St. Stephen's Church industrial London vampire's room - ENN from Jolly Beggar
The Highlands ancient Pictland near the Dal Riada
The Monongahela Incline industrial Pittsburgh
The Orchard of Alkinoos ancient Greece near Odysseus
The Vicus Jugarius Ancient Rome take a north from the first fountain in the city, 3 vicus jugarius rooms in a row, third one gives credit
The Street of the Scorpions industrial Pyramid south of Faraz Najir in Cairo
Under a Storm-Tossed Ocean ancient Greece where bag of Winds is found

partial credit: legenddb

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