Location:    Medieval Silk Road
...saved a young girl from the clutches of a demon!
<held>  severed hand of a demon
notes:Cross the river on a raft and enter the Dark Warlord's castle, slightly Northwestish from the river bank, only a few rooms away.

Find the girl in the castle (west from the Banquet hall), ask her doomed. ask her I will help you, head east.
Wait for the Warlord to enter then sit at the table, when he asks why you have come say or ask him I am here to honor this marriage. Wait for him to stop talking again and say to him/ask I would dare to go against you.

Dark Warlord will attack you at this point, you must solo him friend's cannot help (someone can be outside the fight healing you in some way, but they cannot rescue or join the fight).

You can flee and heal up if needed, he can hit hard.

At leaking guts he will lose his hand and flee, heal up(or not) and chase him, he will start using topple as soon as you enter.

Kill him and he drops his hand, you also get the whois, and the girl will follow you around as a charmed mob for several rl hours.

She will teleport to wherever you are periodically, regardless of distance or time era.

......even to npc vendors, even if she is loaded down with items to sell and can't move on her own *cough*

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