Location:    Ancient Arabian Nights
...watched an exotic Arabian dancer for hours.
<feet>  anklets covered with tiny bells
notes:Go to the jeweler and BUY 5*PERFUME, then find the bellydancer and follow her, after some time passed, she will ask you to trade something -> GIVE PERFUME DANCER each time she wants to trade she will give you 2 FINGER CYMBALS, 2 BANGLE BRACELETS and a pair of ANKLETS in that order (you should have lots of time to do this quest, to get Anklets i once needed 7 hours, :) but with a good book or 2 - 3 movies on video tape it shouldn't be a problem, just keep one eye on the screen incase the dancer wishes to trade or make a trigger that gives a bottle of perfume to the dancer if "The belly dancer whispers to you, 'I'll trade you for your gem.'") after you finally got the anklets

credit: legenddb

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