Location:    Medieval Malta
...joined the Knights of St John of Jerusalem, Rhodes, Cyprus and Malta!
eq: -
notes:Only do this quest if you're reasonably high-leveled (25+), as there are a fair amount of agg mobs.

You need to have a non-evil alignment to do this. Find the scribe in the Grand Master's palace. ASK SCRIBE SIEGE, SAY YES. You are transferred to the Siege of Malta in the recent past. Walk as far north as you can. At the north end, SLEEP, STAND. Find Aloph, the Grand Master. He congratulates you. Return to the scribe. ASK SCRIBE INSTRUCTIONS, FOLLOW SCRIBE. After solemn ceremonies, you become a Knight of St. John.

credit: legenddb

You can totally only actually finish this quest at lvl 40 and above. You also need to be non_evil in alignment. Fuck the alignment and level-restricted police.

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