Location:    Medieval Malta
...helped a silversmith come under the patronage of the Order of St John!
<ear>  filigree ... bird with ... for eyes
notes:Find Francesca on Gozo. She will ask you if women may marry whom they choose. Say either yes or no, it does not matter. ASK FRANCESCA RAPHAELLO, SAY I WILL HELP YOU. Find Raphaello in Mdina. ASK RAPHAELLO FRANCESCA, ASK RAPHAELLO PATRON, SAY I WILL HELP YOU. Find Grand Master Aloph in the palace. ASK ALOPH PATRON. He asks for proof. Return to Raphaello. ASK RAPHAELLO PROOF, he gives a filligree silver bird with bloodstones for eyes to you. Return to Aloph. GIVE BIRD ALOPH. He asks who made it. SAY RAPHAELLO. Raphaello is given a commission. You are transported to St. Jean's cathedral. Raphaello and Francesca marry.

credit: legenddb

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