Location:    Ancient Arabian Nights
...played matchmaker for the Arabian royalty.
eq: -
notes:Go down from the Sultan's Dais in Agrabah. OPEN CASE, GET INCENSE CASE. Go to Madame Decara. GIVE INCENSE DECARA. She will give you a small pouch of powder. Go to the Magician in the palace and GIVE POUCH MAGICIAN. (if you are a lowbie wait until you have full move points before you give the pouch to him.) FOLLOW MAGICIAN. He will lead you to a cavern and shove you in. STAND, go d3n2u, GET LAMP NICHE, POLISH LAMP. The djinn appears. ASK DJINN ENEMY -- this kills the Magician, who would otherwise attack you. ASK DJINN TRANSPORTATION -- this transports you out of the cavern. ASK DJINN DESIRE -- you will get a Signet Ring!

Find Aladdin, GIVE RING ALADDIN. He follows you. Go to the Sultan's Dais. (You may have to wait in the 'Chamber of Patience' until 9 am.) Once before the Sultan a great fuss will occur. ASK ALADDIN SHOW RING ALADDIN. Aladdin will show the signet ring to the sultan and everyone will live happily ever after.
-> You get the whois ...played matchmaker for the Arabian royalty.

When the princess arrives: ASK PRINCESS REWARD
-> You get xp!
-> You get a coin-draped headdress! (worth 3750 coins at the jeweller)

credit: legenddb

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