Location:    Ancient Pictish Country
...has defeated a Champion and has been named Defender of Dal Riada!
eq: -
notes:Go to the Giant Scot just outside of the town of Dal Riada. ASK GIANT DEFENDER. He will ask you if you accept the challenge, ASK GIANT YES. He says to meet him at the golden gong in the challenge wood (two east of the well in Dal Riada) at dawn. Be at the gong and at 6 am in the morning he will come. He tells you to tap the gong once to begin the combat, then he moves 2NE and hides. When you are ready, TAP GONG -- the forest wall closes to the west. MOVE 2NE and the Scot attacks you. Kill the Defender. The Defender cannot cure blind or see invisible; he can see sneaking. Detect hidden will help to initially find him.

credit: legenddb

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