Location:    Medieval Transylvania
...has single-handedly slain Vlad the Impalor, father of all vampires!
eq: -
notes:You must first complete the elite guardsman quest. Find the woodcrafter, ASK WOODCRAFTER VAMPIRE. Go to the Audience Chamber in the palace and get a goblet of blood. (You also can kill the page (DON'T CHOKE) and get a goblet from his corpse.) Return to the woodcrafter and GIVE GOBLET WOODCRAFTER. Find the priest, ASK PRIEST VAMPIRE. Return to the woodcrafter, ASK WOODCRAFTER THE DEATH OF ONE INNOCENT TO SAVE MANY WOULD BE ACCEPTABLE, ASK WOODCRAFTER IMMORTAL SOUL, he gives a wooden stake to you. Note: this stake is timed. WIELD STAKE. Go to the stairs down to the dungeon, SNEAK and go D and E till you find some dust lying on the ground. GET DUST, WEAR DUST, go S and Vlad will attack you immediately. A lucky blow will pierce his heart.

credit: legenddb

After you've finished the quest, go see the woodcrafter again and ASK WOODCRAFTER REWARD. He will take the stake from you (if you've picked it up) and give you a new, statted one. If you don't have it to you, he'll just guilt trip you and give you a new one anyway.

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