Location:    Medieval Kleinstadt
...twice aided the Lord of Kleinstadt to prepare for an Imperial visit!
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notes:Hunt Der Lehensherr.
Ask Lord help.
Ask Lord yes.
He tells you to consult the Juwelier. Hunt Juwelier.
Ask Lukas gift.
He will send you on errands, first to get a lump of gold from the goldsmith.
Ask goldsmith gold.
He tells you to sweep his shop.
Hunt Heinrich.
Buy a broom from Heinrich.
Return to the goldsmith and hold the broom in your hands.
Go back to the Juwelier and buy a gold earring.
Go back to the goldsmith and give him the gold.
Wait for it to cool.
Ask goldsmith cool.
Return to the Juwelier and give him the gold.

Return at a later date to Der Lehensherr.
Ask Lord help.
Hunt Juwlier, ask Juwelier gift. He tells you to go to the Schuhmacher.
Hunt Schuhmacher.
Ask Schuhmacher gift, he tells you to go to the tanner.
Hunt tanner.
Ask tanner shipment, he gives you the order. Return it to the Schuhmacher.
He send you to the seamstress.
Ask seamstress gift, she asks to see the shoes. After inspecting them she sends you out to get the following items:
Silk Thread (Sold by Marcus: To obtain: Ask Marcus undyed thread, he will rummage around until he finds some. Buy it from him after he produces it.)
Woad (Found at the Apotheker)
Comfrey (Found at the Apotheker)
Give each of these items to the seamstress one at a time. She will tell you to return in two days. (96 ticks - Roughly two real life hours.)
Once you receive the shoes return to Der Lehensherr and give him the shoes.
You receive XP!

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