Location:    Medieval Kleinstadt
...helped two young people find happiness together.
eq: -
notes:Find Erich, ask him Karin, he tells you not to tell her how he feels.
Go to Karin, ask her Erich. She asks for a token.
Return to Erich, ask him token. He asks for a glass ornament from Otto.
Find Otto, buy a glass ornament. (It's 3600 coins.)
Return to Erich and give him the ornament. Wait for the event to end, then return to Karin.
Give basket Karin.
She asks for a plain cross.
Find Ein Priester and ask him cross. He asks for proof of devotion. Worship, and he will give you a cross.
Return to Karin and give her the cross. Wait for the event to finish, then return to Erich.
Give pouch Erich.
Follow Erich.
You get XP!
If you have done other quests involved in matchmaking Erich will offer to give you the post title 'the matchmaker'.

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