Location:    Medieval Kleinstadt
...is on a grand quest to become a Ritter.
...is a true Ritter of Kleinstadt.
...lacks the honor to become a true Ritter.
eq: -
notes:You must be non-evil align to perform this quest. ASK ROLAND RITTERTUM
-> you'll receive whois ...IS ON A GRAND QUEST TO BECOME A RITTER!

If you are female, HUNT LEHENSHERR -- if you are male HUNT LEHENSFRAU. ASK LEHENSHERR/LEHENSFRAU LOVE, KISS LEHENSHERR/LEHENSFRAU -> he/she will deny you. Ask LEHENSHERR/LEHENSFRAU proof, then travel the world getting the items they need.


gown of midnight blue - Carlotta (paris opera)
gown of purest white - Christine (paris opera)
gold embroidered muslin dress - young designer (paris Couturiere shop)
red velvet gown - Alice (london)

Give the items to LEHENSHERR/LEHENSFRAU one at a time and they will give you a token which you must then return to Roland. GIVE SCARF ROLAND -> he will tell you to demonstrate loyalty. Find the evil Ritter, he will ask you to join him. Choose your course:

SAY NO (to the evil Ritter:)
Return to Roland and ASK ROLAND RITTERTUM, he will tell you to demonstrate faith. Go to the Lake of Fire, east of Kaminstrasse. (From the Twisty Alley go E N E E W E 2D to the bottom of the lake.) GET CROSS and return to Roland. GIVE CROSS ROLAND. He will tell you to demonstrate courage by killing the beast. Go to the Furchtbare Bestie, KILL BESTIE, GET HORN CORPSE, return to Roland, GIVE HORN ROLAND. Now he will tell you to follow him, FOLLOW ROLAND, you will go to the castle entrance, much melodrama ensues, when asked if you will help defend the city: SAY YES
-> you'll be a Ritter!
-> you'll receive XP!
-> you'll receive whois ...IS A TRUE RITTER OF KLEINSTADT!

SAY YES (to the evil Ritter:)
you'll receive whois ...LACKS THE HONOR TO BECOME A TRUE RITTER! The quest ends with this choice.

credit: legenddb

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