Location:    Medieval Lima
...solved the murder of a young girl and brought her killer to justice.
eq: -
notes:In the cathedral during the day ASK MOURNER DAUGHTER. Go to the old hag with the mandrake root. ASK ROOT MURDER. The root 'shows' you the murder of a young girl. ASK HAG MURDER. She tells you to find the odd shaped tree in a valley. Go as far southeast of the town as you can until you get to "In a Dense Thicket" where you'll find a strange-fruited fir tree. GET SKELETON COPSE (not corpse). GET DAGGER SKELETON. Go to the Conquistador Captain in the barracks and ASK CAPTAIN EVITA MAGERA. GIVE SKELETON CAPTAIN. GIVE DAGGER CAPTAIN. He asks where you found them. SAY COPSE. He summons Castan de Merida who will kill himself.

credit: legenddb

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