Location:    Medieval Lima (stat quest)
...has learned of the art and spirit of music.
eq: -
notes:+3 spirit

Find Alfonso in Lima -- ASK ALFONSO SPIRIT -- he tells you to fetch the young lord's lute, the hoary man's harp, the lover's lyre, the wandering rogue's recorder, Pan's pipes, and the fey flute. Find each of the following musicians and ASK (musician) MUSIC -- and he will give his instrument to you. Bring each instrument back to Alfonso. The instruments need not be brought at the same time.

lute: young lord in Tudor England
harp: scop in Beowulf
lyre: Allan-a-Dale in Sherwood
recorder: gypsy man in the Carnival
panpipes: shepherd in Ithaca, Greece
flute: fairie flautist in Celtic Ireland

credit: legenddb

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