Location:    Ancient Rome
...fought as a Roman gladiator and lived to tell the tale!
eq: -
notes:Go to the practice arena and ask the gate keeper guy (forget his name) Gladiator, then ask him fight. He tells you to say "I WILL CHALLENGE A GLADIATOR"

Say that and he tells you to come back in 1 mud hour. Return and he pushes you into the practice arena and names a gladiator you will fight. Kill the gladiator, careful theres a bunch of gladiators here and using keyword gladiator can lead to a you attacking the wrong one.

After you kill the practice gladiator, the gate keeper asks you if you want to continue on into a much harder fight. say yes then proceed to the main arena. Once you go inside the gate locks and the main gladiator is agg to you along with a bear. Kill both of them and you get the

Please note: that you may be able to do this and lose. I was stunned and taken to 25 health, the fight ended, I lived and still got the whois. Also, the gladiator will hunt you inside but can not see invis. The bear will not move from the gate. seperate them and kill the bear so you can pick the lock to the gate. open the gate and the gladiator will not hunt you into the entrance ramp into the arena.

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