Location:    Medieval Britain (Sherwood)
...lent a helpful hand to the keep's staff at Nottingham.
eq: -
notes:Go to the cook in Nottingham castle, ASK COOK TASK, she will assign one of many tasks to you:

Meat Retrieval: Kill a doe in the forest and bring its filet to the kitchen master of castle nottingham she will thank you. Be careful to have the filet hidden in a bag or else the norman guards will imprison you when you meet them.

Pot repair: She will give a pot to you. Go to the Lincolnshire smith, GIVE POT SMITH. Return to the cook, GIVE POT COOK.

Pie retrieval: She will ask you to pick up some pies from Nell. Go to Nell. Nell gives pies to you. Return to the cook.

Hinge oiling: She will ask you to help the steward. Find the steward. He will ask you to oil the hinges on the Barbicon gates. Buy a jug of fish oil from the Stag, go to the Outer Baily and OIL DOOR. Return to the Steward; he will thank you.

Once you've completed your task, Return to the cook.

credit: legenddb

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