Location:    Medieval Britain (Sherwood)
...performed pagan rituals to help a village suffering from a drought.
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notes:Obtain a laurel crown in Roman Britain. Your strength must be >= 41. Find laurel (A leafy plant is growing here by the roadside.) along the Roman roads. GIVE LAUREL MERCHANT. He gives a laurel crown to you!

During the day, go to the Bishop of Hereford in Plympton Church. (NE from Will'o'Green) ASK BISHOP DROUGHT. SAY I WILL HELP. Get a yarrow plant from the Locksley Estate. Go to the well in Lincolnshire. WEAR CROWN. PUT YARROW WELL. DANCE WELL. The well will steam and splutter. Return to the bishop. SAY STEAM AND SPLUTTER. GIVE CROWN BISHOP.

credit: legenddb

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